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Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex offers a complete program to help relieve vaginal dryness.
Inner Intimates is a 100% natural product developed to enhance a women’s genital health and comfort after menopause.  Vaginal Renewal Complex consists of four natural and essential ingredients that act synergistically to enhance vaginal health and comfort.  Unlike other products on the market such as vaginal lubricants, which temporarily coat the vaginal lining, Vaginal Renewal Complex is absorbed by the cells of the vagina. 
Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex is a unique blend of oils.  Its these four main ingredients that act synergistically to enhance the plasticity of the vaginal lining, preventing and reversing dryness and discomfort.  Each of these four ingredients are fat-soluble and readily absorbed by the cells of the vaginal lining.  The synergistic action of these main ingredients occurs through changes created in the vaginal lining cells, rather than just coating the cells externally like current available vaginal lubricating gels on today’s market.

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